Maximilian Luz

In my free time, I write and maintain Linux kernel drivers for Microsoft Surface devices.

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I'm a MSc student in Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart by day and write Linux kernel drivers for Microsoft Surface devices and other open source software by night. I'm an avid proponent of the "use whatever makes you most productive" principle, even if that means me having to write Linux kernel drivers to be able to use Linux on my shiny Surface Book 2 (which can also be quite a fun challenge sometimes!).

How Your Sponsorship Helps

Let's face it: I'd be doing all of this without the prospect of your sponsorship anyways. But don't fear: Your sponsorship will directly help to motivate me and I appreciate it as a way of saying "thanks" for my humble work. Your money will likely go straight into a caffeinated (and potentially sugary) beverage, or my Spotify or Netflix subscription, keeping me happy and content. Also keep in mind: You don't have to sponsor me to say thanks!

Stuff I Work On

As you may have gauged by now, most of my current work revolves around the linux-surface project. I'm currently focusing on getting the Linux kernel driver for the Surface System Aggregator Module (the small ARM based embedded controller, taking care of battery status, keyboard inputs, and more on Gen 5+ Surface devices) in a good state, so that it can hopefully be integrated into the official Linux mainline source code (and remove the need for a special kernel or kernel module that you'll currently have to install).

Apart from that, my academic interests lie in Machine Learning, specifically (Inverse-) Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, but also Computer Vision. You might find me writing code, papers, or presentations on that (the latter two at the moment mostly for University) from time to time.

Thank you for your support!

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We write and maintain Linux kernel drivers for Microsoft Surface devices.

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