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I make (A)GPL-licensed software

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My day job is working for The Trade Desk as a software engineer. In my free time, I maintain a couple of side projects to fulfill my specific personal software requirements. I release them under the GPL or AGPL (depending on the nature of the project). I write these projects for myself, but if you like them and find them useful, I definitely won't turn down donations.

Notable projects include:

  • Sublime Music: a feature-rich native GTK Subsonic client with a beautiful UI, Chromecast support, offline support, and DBus interface support.
  • tracktime: a CSV-based time tracking software with sophisticated reporting.
  • offlinemsmtp: a wrapper around msmtp allowing for offline usage.

Recently, I have been streaming Advent of Code on my Twitch channel and uploading the VODs to my YouTube channel.

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