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In short, I'm a newbie into opensource world and keep learning. If you happy with my projects or services, welcome to buy me some beer. Current service 1. blahdns.com (A DNS based service with filtered ads, tracker, malware, etc with support encryption by default (DNS-over-HTTPS/TLS, Dnscrypt v2 ) , No logs

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dbl-oisd-nl 68 Oppdatert denne uken

a mirror for dbl.oisd.nl blocklist

blahdns 138 Oppdatert denne uken

A small hobby ads block dns project with doh, dot, dnscrypt support.

osx-dnscrypt 0 Oppdatert for 5 måneder siden

OSX dnscrypt

susucond 1 Oppdatert for 5 måneder siden

A docker based DNS resolver included adsblock

tor-bridge-private 0 Oppdatert for 5 måneder siden

vscode-settings 0 Oppdatert for 6 måneder siden

js-snippet 0 Oppdatert for 7 måneder siden

web-worker-101 0 Oppdatert for 9 måneder siden

hello-taipei 1 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

node-express-mongo 0 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

Nodejs express mongodb boilerplate

god-help-me 1 Oppdatert for 1 år siden


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