Naja Melan

Fullstack Rust developer

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I develop Rust applications for desktop and web. For the moment I have been yak shaving a lot and mainly been contributing libraries. The two tools I have published so far are tracing_prism and torset.

My published libraries can be found on crates.io.

I would love to live from writing open source if possible one day.

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async_executors 40 Oppdatert for 2 måneder siden

Abstract over different executors

futures_ringbuf 9 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Fake network stream for testing and examples without having to do TCP

ws_stream_wasm 43 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Wasm convenience API for WebSockets

pharos 27 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Observer pattern which generates a futures 0.3 stream of events

async_progress 3 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Create synchronization points between concurrent async tasks.

async_nursery 28 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Primitive for structured concurrency.

futures_cbor_codec 2 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

A codec for framing an AsyncRead/AsyncWrite with cbor for all types that are serializable with serde

ws_stream_tungstenite 12 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Provide AsyncRead/AsyncWrite over tungstenite websockets

async_io_stream 8 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

IntoAsyncRead on steriods

tracing_prism 7 Oppdatert for 4 måneder siden

Side by side split of async log files



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