Sorcerer's apprentice in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotics

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Hi, I'm Miguel, I'm a sorcerer's apprentice in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, technical business and many other areas. I've been doing open source for a long time. Some of my repos include:

  • sciblog: A blog made with Django designed like a scientific paper written in Latex.
  • sciblog_support: Support code from my blog. There you will find projects mostly related to Deep Learning. Some of them include introduction to deep learning, time series forecasting of stock price, an API for image classification, text classification and others.
  • codebase: A code base for programming projects. It includes numerous programing functions that can be used as a base to boost code development and productivity.

Other projects can be found in my github.



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sciblog 171 Oppdatert for 2 uker siden

A blog made with django designed like a scientific paper written in LaTeX.

sciblog_support 727 Oppdatert for 1 måned siden

Support content for my blog

codebase 48 Oppdatert for 2 måneder siden

Code base for programming projects


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