Magit is a Git user interface focused on efficient and intuitive work-flows

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Magit is an interface to the version control system Git, implemented as an Emacs package. Magit aspires to be a complete Git porcelain. While we cannot (yet) claim that Magit wraps and improves upon each and every Git command, it is complete enough to allow even experienced Git users to perform almost all of their daily version control tasks directly from within Emacs. While many fine Git clients exist, only Magit and Git itself deserve to be called porcelains.


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magit 4325 Oppdatert denne uken

It's Magit! A Git porcelain inside Emacs.

with-editor 85 Oppdatert for 1 uke siden

Use the Emacsclient as the $EDITOR of child processes

ghub 103 Oppdatert for 1 måned siden

Client libraries for the APIs of various Git forges

git-modes 215 Oppdatert for 2 måneder siden

Emacs major modes for Git configuration files


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