It a platform where MSMEs, Small business owners, Start-Ups and Artisans get grants and empowerment

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We are non-governmental MSME Hub to enhance the functionality of small or starting business owners to be able to set up properly and get grants, funds to make their business grow also by providing natural material supply for them by also supporting agriculture as we have special agricultural team who make sure that farmers are doing the right thing and also provide funds for them to be able to produce for these MSMEs. There is also a special scheme for artisans in which we outreach to them too for social needs and develop the informer sector to support livelihood and increase the living standard of the common man to be able to sponsor his/her child to school.

We Provide IT/Technical Support and training which some are listen below: Computer Hardware, Networking, Pure Programming, Web application, Graphics Design and software development cos it an hub so we have a lot of professional trained person and we work in team as one which makes us have a lot of product which are open source because we serve the masses, we create solution as open source.

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