Mark E. Fuller

Open-Science Software Development

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I'm a Ph.D. in chemical engineering working (unfunded) on contributing to software on the scientific spectrum (from open databases of experimental and computational results) to utilitarian LaTeX classes and templates for formatting papers, resumes, and business cards - please see my work on GitHub). In my day job, I specialize in design and construction of experimental facilities and also doing some of the necessary software plumbing and interfacing.

The costs I incur are primarily coffee and some spare electricity, but also some hand tools, small parts, e.g. sensors for Raspberry Pi / Arduino-based projects, old computers+disks+RAM for testing (I enjoy testing software , particularly for the Fedora (Linux) Project as I am an long-time end-user and participant). And I help out with German language translations sometimes (e.g. Fedora, Ditto Chat, Raise to Answer)

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mefuller.github.io 0 Oppdatert for 1 måned siden

Personal website so that you know who I am, what I do, and how to reach me

businesscard-qrcode 0 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Fork from (dead?) CTAN businesscard-qrcode

AbInitioUtilities 1 Oppdatert for 6 måneder siden

Utility scripts and functions for use with ab initio and chemical kinetics packages

LaTeX_Presentations 0 Oppdatert for 7 måneder siden

Classes and templates for producing posters and slide presentations with evolving style files based on where I've worked (please contribute!)

fsc-latex-template 0 Oppdatert for 8 måneder siden

LaTeX template for abstract submission for FSC annual meeting at RWTH Aachen

MESS_tutorial 0 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

An introductory presentation to use the PAPR/MESS master-equation-system solver developed at Argonne National Lab (ANL) - https://github.com/Auto-Mech/MESS

LatestPodcast 0 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

Simple scripting to get and play latest podcast - with crontab, an easy alarm clock routine

HomeEnvMonitor 0 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

A Raspberry Pi and Arduino environmental sensor project

ecm-latex-template (forgreining) 0 Oppdatert for 8 måneder siden

LaTeX Template for the European Combustion Meeting (ECM)



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