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I contribute Romanian translations to GNOME's applications and their documentation

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Since 2010 I actively contributed romanian translations to the GNOME project. My efforts were focused on the user interface translations and documentation guides translation.

GNOME is one of the widely used desktop environments in the world of free/libre GNU/Linux software.

I started to contribute to the GNOME project since I was still in high school, that was around 2010. At that time Gnome was approaching its 2.30 release which was one of the last in Gnome 2 series. The main reason for joining the Romanian translation efforts was driven by the fact that I missed so much translations for my favorite subtitle editing software, Gnome Subtitles.

Since my first translation I contributed to tens of other software under the GNOME umbrella. Among those I could name brasero, gedit, nautilus, gnome-software, totem, gparted, cheese, rhythmbox, simple-scan and many other big and small applications. As years passed I collaborated with a few other Romanian translators which helped with translations, reviews and testing of newly submitted work. But now I am pretty much the only one active contributor.

Lately I considered to focus my efforts on documentation translation as well. I consider that documentation facilitates the user experience of the Romanian users and at the moment 11% of the Gnome applications have Romanian documentation available.

The reason for creating this page is to evaluate how much my work means for the daily users of Gnome software and to provide a way for them to show their appreciation for my efforts. Any donation will motivate me to work further on translating Gnome applications and their documentation.


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Gnome Romanian Translation Team works on l10n tasks for UI and documentation of the Gnome Project

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