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I make free games on my free time

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I like making little games under free licenses. If you enjoyed one, you can buy me a cookie :)

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Zen Typing 1 Oppdatert for 2 måneder siden

[▶️ P L A Y](https://thibaultlemaire.gitlab.io/zen-typing) A casual typing game & tool for learning touch typing (layout and language agnostic). Play and learn at your own pace.

RepairYourselfAnArmy 0 Oppdatert for 7 måneder siden

[▶️ P L A Y](https://thibaultlemaire.gitlab.io/repairyourselfanarmy) A simple top-down game made for the Global Game Jam 2020 [GGJ Game page](https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/repair-yourself-army-7)

Roguelike Tutorial 0 Oppdatert for 7 måneder siden

[▶️ P L A Y](https://thibaultlemaire.gitlab.io/roguelike-tutorial) My code from following the [Roguelike Tutorial in Rust + tcod](https://tomassedovic.github.io/roguelike-tutorial/)



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