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Sybille Saint Girons works with groups committed to social improvement to increase their coherence and hence their achievements. She draws from established methodologies like human potential development, sociocracy, project management, business development and ancient wisdom from Pygmies and Lakotas tribes and spiritual teachings. There are a number of other threads to her work:

  • Awakening games, orientations tools, organic dynamics
  • Decision-making, group governance and manifesting collective intelligence

  • Economy, money, re-evaluating value, and fostering cooperation

  • Commons based production especially in intentional communities
 and grass roots organizations
  • Designing and using FLOSS software for collaboration

Freed by a state disability allowance, she offers free service to the most progressive groups.

  • TERIS FarmLivingLab co-founder, 34-France
  • Valeureux Ngo co-founder, president and consultant to actualize wealth in France and Europe, and provide Wezer the P2P cooperation open-source ERP
  • Coop-cité, board and facilitator to create citizenship innovation ecosystem
  • “100 Women Who Are Co-Creating the P2P Society”, P2P Foundation, Jan.2015
  • “L'Intelligence Collective, co-créons en conscience le monde de demain”, Ed. Y.Michel, Nov.2014
  • “S'approprier les clés de la mutation”, Ed. ChroniquesSociales, Jan.2013
  • “Trading Floor Game”, GPL3, Aug.2012
  • MBA DHDO « Human Dynamic and Development of Organisation” @Evry-INSEAD 2005
  • "Favourables conditions to foster cooperation within teams", University of Evry-Insead, 2003-05

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