To port my MMO game to modern technology

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I have been running my MMO game for the past 19 years. Hardware expenses, colocation expenses, and general upkeep often times(not always just sometimes) exceed what the current player base is contributing. At the same time I would like to move the client and the backend technology to more modern solutions that will allow for continued work on the game and make it more cost effective to operate. It is currently a completely functional MMO game (website, discord, login, patcher, persistence, RTS/FPS hybrid) that has had a long and appreciative community helping to keep us going this long. To take it to the next step requires additional help to get us there.

It is no small task to update a game and replace it with new technology. It is a long and lengthy journey. To keep the costs low, the idea is to focus on a port first, new game mechanics and features later, that way we can keep scope creep down and use the modern tech to be able to make improvements more easily.

The current community has been great, the work required to make this happen is even greater, which is why I am here to see if there is a way to make this happen.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


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