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I'm a geomatician and software developer, located in Rennes (France). I started contributing to various community projects in 2010, and I publish regularly open source software. This software is free to use and improve. If one of the software I wrote was useful for you, and want to thank me for it, you can help giving a few money here (it's always nice, as we say).

To know more about me, you can check my personal website (in French, désolé) or my Framagit repositories.

I'm writing software...

  • OpenLevelUp
    • Indoor map based on OSM data
  • Pic4Carto
    • Efficient open-licensed pictures viewer for OSM contribution
  • OpenFuelMap
    • Comparative map for fuel prices in France
  • YoHours
    • Simple editor for opening hours in OSM
  • OpenAdvertMap
    • Interactive map of advertisements, based on OSM data
  • WhatOSM
    • Simple helper for finding a contribution tool on OSM

I'm contributing to...

  • OpenStreetMap
    • Since 2010
    • Several times per week
    • On various subjects : indoor mapping, street pictures mapping, landuses, describing existing objects... I have also gave some talks about the tools I created.
  • OpenFoodFacts
    • Since 2013
    • Several times per month
    • I add what I have around, also updating old products
  • Wikidata
    • Since 2014
    • Several times per month
    • Adding links to OSM, various fixes, translating labels in French
  • Wikipédia
    • Since 2013
    • Several times per month
    • Fixing typos, wrote articles about small villages near.

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