Mikael Karlsson

ReGreening Earth - It´s possible!

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When I started to work in the forest - more the 25 years ago - I realized that standard forestry often replaced natural forest with plantations.

A forest is a vibrant mix of, trees of different ages, sizes, and species. A plantation is a land area with trees of mainly one age, one size, and one species, where the diversity of a natural forest is virtually nonexistent.

When we cut down too many natural forests and replace them with tree-plantations.Wildlife disappears. Today there is less than 20% of virtue forest left in the world. In Sweden less than 1%. This is one of the main causes of the ongoing species extinction. It also exacerbates the climate crisis. And we are still converting natural forests to clear-cuts and plantations. This has to stop. It's time for a new Global Forest practice.

You can read more about the forestry I´m working with on

Information about my book you can find on A translation to English is under production.

Together we are shaping the future!

Kindest regards, Mikael


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