Donations will be used to pay for hosting on proudtobeapastafarian.com

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Donations will be used to help pay for hosting for the following:

  • Proud To Be A Patafarian: Community website for Pastafarians; currently hosts Friendica and Mumble instances, with plans for few other services. No association with venganza.org/spaghettimonster.org.
  • You Have Writes: Social networking for fountain pen users. Currently hosts a Friendica instance, with plans for Peertube and Pixelfed.
  • BOINC, a distributed computing platform. Currently I have it connected to Rosetta@home, which is currently working to map out various protein structures related to COVID-19, and World Community Grid, which is hosted by IBM and also working on COVID-19; there are other things linked in to my BOINC manager, but these are the two worth calling out considering the current pandemic.
  • Eventually, I will set up a project page for RetroLinux (not yet released, being worked on) and a personal blog.

Donations will be used for: * Hosting, currently done through Linode. * Domain registration and renewal, currently done through Internetbs.net. * If excess donations come in, they will be used for the following: - Save up to continue paying for hosting in case something happens to my job. Current goal is to save up for at least a year. - Services are hosted using entirely open source software, and the developers of this software deserve praise. Some of the excess will be passed along to them to help them continue their work.


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