Mother's Keeper, Inc.

We are a Community Corporation dedicated to solving senior food insecurities in Cloverdale, CA.

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That all members of the Senior Community of Cloverdale will be forever free from any and all forms of food insecurity by 2023.


Our objective is raise funds for 3000 shares by Sunday, December 31st, 2023, with an individual share-rate of $780.

3-year Funding Tiers

1000 Funders @ $15 /week ($65 /month)

3000 Funders @ $5 /week ($22 /month)

5000 Funders @ $3 /week ($13 /month)

Funding Limits

Minimum weekly subscription: 15,000 Funders @ $1.00 ($52 /year)

Maximum weekly subscription: 150 Funders @ $100 ($5,200 /year)


MOTHERS KEEPER, INC is a California General Stock Corportion (C4570707) formed to provide community engagement, executive oversight, and resource development for local volunteer nonprofit organizations united to establish lasting solutions for any and all food insecurities within the Senior Community of Cloverdale.

Single share rate is $780, and can be funded with a 1 year subscription at $15 weekly ($65.00 /mo), a 3-year subscription at $5 weekly ($21.67 /mo). A partial share (2/5th) can be funded for $3 weekly ($13.00 /mo).

Shares are to be issued through the deliberation of a Board of 20 Members, and treated as means for promoting the general Welfare in the form of long-term solutions to senior food insecurities in the community of Cloverdale, California. They will be distributed toward general operations, professional support by legal and accounting agencies, and as direct investment into volunteer nonprofit organizations based in Cloverdale.

For more information, visit our website:

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