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Hi. I like to call my self Mlibre. a boy from the earth. I don't have a Bank Account, because I don't have a passport. Even with a passport, I can't have because of the sanctions. I have done lots of projects. But one is my favorite, "Healight". You can find it in the list below or my GitHub account. It's a computer/web platform for an idea to fix the world and make it a better place by changing the lifestyle, Food and etc ... to a healthy natural harmonic method. I worked for more than one year to implement the basics. I also working on my youtube channel you can find it on this page. I try to learn Linux, Tips and... here. Anyway as I don't have any kind of Bank Account, if you wanted to donate me, it's my LTC crypto wallet address: MSZNhg8NtKhS7vFQWjSpi9Z98ZwruaieaX

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