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I'm suffering from a chronic fatiguing condition for a while now and am not getting out much anymore to hunt for new gigs. Please shout out if you need a remote developer who's very capable in web development (mainly ruby, js) and is currently learning Rust (both small & big projects welcome).

My longer-term goal is to put my brain fully into developing and fixing open-source software and not having to rely on non-open source work to survive.

I set my first goal to 150€ a month, which seems far fetched for me now. ~650€ a month will pay an absolute bare minimum of my living cost (just housing, minimum health insurance cost and not including food nor 'disability taxes' (things that cost extra because I have to for example order it in, etc.). My long term goal will be around 450€ a week to be able live comfortably without extra gigs to feed me.

I'm starting to reach out to people because my medical condition makes it hard for me to find new (and good!) jobs and for the sake of my mental health, I don't want to end up having to fall back on social security system here ever again (but also burn myself out trying to survive!).

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