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Hi, I'm Jeff and I love to tinker. I enjoy software engineering and I build machines with stepper motors. This has meant that I spend my free time writing software, and it's usually benefiting CNC, 3D printers, or my latest passion: sand drawing machines (or kinetic art machines).

Some people who have used Sandify or V1Pi have said thanks, and posted stories or pictures of their machines, and that means a lot to me. I have been asked by others to add a donate or gift button so people can support me with money, so I started this liberapay account to do just that.

If you really want to support me, sharing my creations, sending me stories or images of your builds, or helping someone else understand is worth a lot more to me than a donation. I get so much satisfaction seeing a machine in another time zone, from someone I've never met, running a pattern created on my website or hearing about how easy it was to get their machine connected with a raspberry pi thanks to V1Pi. It really drags me back to the keyboard to work on the next item in my issues list.

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v1pi 29 Oppdatert for 3 måneder siden

Preconfigured PI useful for users of the V1Engineering machines.

sandify 36 Oppdatert for 5 måneder siden

web based user interface to create patterns that could be useful for robots that draw in sand with ball bearings.



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