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Hi, I am Dominik!

I used to work on many libraries involving game development, which simplified many people's lives who were working on their interesting projects. One of those significant projects are ZPL, a single-header C library containing many useful tools that accelerate and simplify the development and prototyping of games and apps, as well as librg, a networking game sync library which offers simple to use and fast solutions to synchronize your games in select models without a hassle.

Having issues to find work due to my constraints, I rely on using my own creativity to power ideas of my own and develop games or applications.

Over those years, I've decided to change my course to get into indie game development. Starting out with simple pet projects, I've gathered knowledge and experience which gives me the ability to deploy my ideas to you, gamers.

I aim to develop small games which are fun to play and easy to get used to. I always found it relaxing to play small games mid-break to get into the mood and build up inspiration I can use to develop these games.

I hope you'll enjoy these games as much as I've enjoyed creating them. It means a lot to me when feedback is present.

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A 2D cross-platform game engine experiment. Work in progress



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