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Lutris has made a lot of progress lately and I would like to keep improving the platform and bring some long awaited features. I am currently developing Lutris full-time on my own savings, which will soon run low. Without the necessary funds, I would have to get a new job and that would massively slow down the development pace. While all the planned feature would eventually be implemented, keeping the current rhythm of development would mean that Lutris 1.0, with all planned features would likely ship in late 2019 or early 2020 (this includes the full screen UI, controller configuration, cloud saves, etc).

With all the progress made regarding Linux gaming in the recent months, I would like to bring a complete gaming platform, completely open source and independent from commercial entities. Now is the best time to focus on Lutris, the interest in Linux from the general public is very high and if we keep that momentum going, game publishers will want to port their games natively.

Thankfully, I feel that with enough people involved, each user shouldn't need to give a lot. The user base is growing and it is only expected to grow bigger as Linux gaming improves. This makes me confident that the community can support this project financially. Lutris 1.0 is within reach but only you can make it happen sooner!

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