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Call me Hexawolf. I am a Computer Science student, working with military tech and creating ideas that result in some innovative projects.

Nonetheless, I'm also a musician, though I rarely get enough time to work on music. There is so much to be done for this world. Here, I am trying to make it a slightly better place to live, both for myself and for the entire humanity. Some of my projects:

  • Hexamine - modded Minecraft server.
  • DMQT - a distributed messaging platform.
  • SSProto - rsync-like protocol made to automate client updates for Hexamine. Deprecated.
  • sutrc - collaborative project with fox.cpp - a utility for my university. Archived.

Feel free to contact with me on Telegram.

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SSProto 0 Oppdatert for 9 måneder siden

A client update deployment solution for games with modding like Minecraft.

gDMQT 1 Oppdatert for 10 måneder siden

Message broker.

randbot 0 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

Random number generator bot to show how awful "modern C++" is.

udpPing 1 Oppdatert for 1 år siden

A (relatively) simple UDP ping application.



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