Medicine Music to reconnect with yourself

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Medicine music is my invitation to remember. Remember who you are, remember what your dreams and visions are, remember your full potential. My music aims to empower you and create spaces to reconnect with yourself.

Since March 2020, when the songs started coming to me, it is my greatest joy to share them. To experience how they touch people, reveal feelings and enable healing. It is my way to contribute to a positive shift in our world.

In addition to concerts I also open healing spaces, such as cocoa ceremonies. In this context my music allows people to dive into a deep honest encouter with themselves and others.

With your contribution you allow me to focus fully on my music, create more songs, transform them to better quality and follow my greatest bliss: creating spaces, where people get deeply touched, inspire themselves, reveal their power and start to live their dreams and visions.

You are warmly invited to become a part of the Felidaya community – a telegram group where we stay in deeper touch and exchange. Being part of the community, you get more insights in my creative process and my current projects. Just send me a private message on telegram to join. ❤

Looking forward meeting you.

Thank you so much for your donation.




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